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Ways to Prevent Slips & Falls for Your Elderly Loved One

Once your loved one reaches a certain age, stumbling and falling move from being embarrassing to potentially dangerous for their health. Broken bones and sprained muscles become more likely as we age, and taking a tumble can cause both.

While often your elderly loved one is too resistant to change and too fiercely proud, to fall-proof their house, there are steps you can take for them to minimize the chance of a dangerous fall. Here we’ve outlined a few.

Stop Slipping

Next to stumbling, slipping is the most likely cause of falling among the elderly. Many types of floor lack the traction to prevent a fall and can cause them in many cases. To prevent falls, buy non-slip mats for problem areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

And while your loved one may prefer wearing just socks when they’re at home, socks can also be the catalyst for nasty falls. Have them wear a pair of comfortable slippers or socks with specialty grip on the bottom.

Check Their Eyesight

Even if they don’t admit to it, your elderly loved one most likely suffers from at least some type of sight impairment. Even a little blurriness can cause them to misstep at a critical moment, and even bifocals can cause objects such as stairs to be deceptive in their proximity.

Schedule an appointment with an optometrist or other eye specialist to make sure your loved one doesn’t need glasses. For those that already wear glasses, make sure their prescription is current and up to date.

Turn Their Lights On

Connected to the point above, it’s important to maximize visibility in your loved one’s home. When the sun’s gone down go through their house and do an inventory of potential problem areas that could lead to stumbling or loose footing. Outfit these areas with lamps or other lights to make sure your loved one doesn’t stumble over them accidentally.

An even better option is to install lights that are triggered by low light to automatically switch on. These avoid your loved one fumbling in the dark for a lamp switch.

Keep Them Flexible

It doesn’t have to be a lot, but a little exercise every day can go a long way towards keeping your loved one’s balance and reflexes alive even in old age. The better their balance and reflexes, the less likely they are to trip or stumble.

Walking is a good option for staying active, but an even better one is yoga or tai chi. Both will enhance their connection with their body and keep them flexible. Another upside is that if a fall does happen, their muscles and tendons will be healthier and in a better position to heal quickly and cleanly.

360 Healthcare Home Health CareCompassionate Home Care from 360 Healthcare

In the event of a slip or fall accident, a medical alert system like Direct Link is beneficial for elderly adults, who, with the touch of a button, can get immediate assistance.

360 Healthcare is proud to offer Direct Link Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) to ensure the safety and security of seniors living independently. Each Direct Link unit links to CSAA Five Diamond Certified central station with professionally-trained for medical emergency response. To learn more about PERS, contact 360 Healthcare to get started.

Keep your loved one strong and healthy for years to come with compassionate in-home health care services from 360 Healthcare. Give us a call today at (561) 400-0505 or email us at info@360healthcareflorida.com to learn more about our in-home care services.

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