Pers Medication Management

Falling is one of the leading causes of injury for seniors. Recuperation from a serious fall-related injury is difficult and often costly. A fallen senior may not be able to call for help after a bad fall, which can lead to serious injuries – or even death.

Personal Emergency Response System

One of the best ways that technology can make seniors’ lives easier and safer is with a Personal Emergency Response System.

A PERS unit consists of a bedside console and wireless transmitter, housed in a pendant that the wearer can activate in an emergency situation. The console transmits a signal to a medical alert dispatcher, who sends aid.

Since almost all serious falls occur in the home, a unit can provide a sense of security and peace of mind. PERS units act as a “safety net” and allow seniors to live at home, independently, and still get care in the case of an emergency.

360 Healthcare offers a broad assortment of monitored medical equipment and emergency alert pendants. This technology gives seniors freedom and agency while allowing them to remain protected.

Medication Management

As adults age, there is a good chance that they’ll have to take several medications simultaneously to treat different medical conditions. While these medications are there to improve the senior’s health, there are potential risks involved.

Medication management devices like pill organizers and medication dispensers are crucial to avoid skipping doses or accidental overdose.

360 Healthcare offers tools and information on how to manage medication in a simple and efficient way. We provide medication dispensers and other equipment to aid in monitoring prescription use.

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