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Seniors in summer heat

Title Tag 5 Tips to Help Seniors Beat the Summer Heat | 360 Healthcare

Thanks to Florida’s subtropical climate and humidity, summer months can see temperatures rise into the triple digits. For seniors, this incredible summer heat can be dangerous — even life-threatening.

While you can’t change Florida’s climate, you can change how you interact with it. This month, we’ve put together a shortlist of five tips to help seniors beat the heat this summer.

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home health care

Home Health Care vs. Assisted Living: What’s the Difference?

Deciding on the proper health care options for your elderly loved one can be difficult if you know little about the subject. Home health care and assisted living are necessary to consider when an individual reaches a certain age or has a health issue that limits them to care for themselves independently.

There are some factors to consider such as if your loved one is comfortable living at home, their current health state, and financial obligations. We discuss and compare both options to help make your decision easier.

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