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5 Simple Exercises That Seniors Can Do in Their Homes

As adults age, it becomes harder to retain muscle mass, and easier to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. It only gets worse with feelings of self-consciousness that comes from exercising around others, especially when surrounded by people that are in much better shape. In celebration of National Senior Health & Fitness Day, we bring you some simple exercises that any senior can do.

1. Walking

Exercising can be as easy as going for a stroll. Walking increases circulation and strengthens the joints.

Get some fresh air by walking around your neighborhood. If you don’t want to leave the house, you can step in place or stroll around the house. You can do this exercise anywhere, anytime.

2. Arm Curls

Arm curls are a safe and effective way for seniors to strengthen muscles, which improves mobility and can help you lift everyday objects. You don’t need expensive weights or machines: just hold cans or hand weights at your sides, palms facing up. Bend your elbows and raise your weights toward your chest and hold for about one second, before easing them back down.

3. Yoga

Low-impact exercises are perfect for older adults that can’t handle the stresses of more intense workouts. Yoga allows seniors to move but doesn’t put much stress on joints.

If you’re interested in yoga, you can get started in your home with very little setup. Even better, there are plenty of free yoga classes that you can take use to your advantage.

4. Tai Chi

If you’re interested in the benefits of a low-impact exercise but aren’t into yoga, Tai Chi might be for you. Tai Chi is relaxing and improves balance, one of the best things you can do for your body. As with yoga, Tai Chi is a low-impact way to exercise, incorporating slow movements and deep breathing. You can lower your blood pressure and even relieve your arthritis pain.

Tai Chi doesn’t require any fancy equipment, and you can benefit from as little as 20 minutes a day.

5. Strength Training

Improving muscle strength makes daily functions easier on your body. Whether it’s cleaning or doing laundry, healthy muscles make motions easier.

It’s never too late to pack on muscle. You can get your workout routine started with no more than a set of light free-weights.

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