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Home Health Care vs. Assisted Living: What’s the Difference?

Deciding on the proper health care options for your elderly loved one can be difficult if you know little about the subject. Home health care and assisted living are necessary to consider when an individual reaches a certain age or has a health issue that limits them to care for themselves independently.

There are some factors to consider such as if your loved one is comfortable living at home, their current health state, and financial obligations. We discuss and compare both options to help make your decision easier.

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Senior Fitness, Senior Exercises

5 Simple Exercises That Seniors Can Do in Their Homes

As adults age, it becomes harder to retain muscle mass, and easier to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. It only gets worse with feelings of self-consciousness that comes from exercising around others, especially when surrounded by people that are in much better shape. In celebration of National Senior Health & Fitness Day, we bring you some simple exercises that any senior can do.

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